Friday, November 15, 2013

New Westminster Blog Survey

I did a quick poke around for New Westminster related blogs.  Most of these I got off the list at, the rest from google and my own archives.  While many New West related blog have started, not many appear to stick it through (I suppose I'm guilty on that count too).

Tenth to the Fraser - The definitive New Westminster blog.  Lots of contributers, great articles and generally very current.  For some reason though it's gone very quiet since this summer, with a couple of article in July and then nothing until late October.  Hope they get back their mojo, it's a great resource.  

May Queens and Movie Scenes:  "Life and Politics in the Royal City."  Ran for a few months in early 2012, then dead.  

Tourism New Westminster: The official blog of Tourism New West.  Updated rarely and randomly, last post in August 2013.  

EXPRESS - Voice New Westminister:  The Voice New West municipal slate/party blog.  Looks like it was busy through the election in 2012, and then went away. blogs:  Postmedia network's collection of blogs from the New West newspaper staff.  For some reason the links at the site don't work for me.  Here is Only in New West, from reporter Theresa McManus.  Updated regularly.  

New West in my Backyard (formerly Green New West):  New West issues with more of an environmental take.  Updated regularly, and a good read.  

Car(e)free NW: "Family life sans automobile in New Westminster BC"  Was going regularly until the summer of 2013, then stopped.  

Glenbrook North Zero Waste:  Active 2010-2012.

Down by the River:  Seems to post semi-annually, and mostly related to NewWest DocFest

In New West with Kids:  Very sparsely updated - I really wish this blogger did more.  The last post was in September and was a great tip on Port Royal beach.  

Liquid Thoughts:  Blog for Matthew Liard, who is quite active in the New West municipal political scene.  His blog is dead since 2012, but his twitter is quite active still.  Make that very active - 11 tweets in the last hour.  

General note to bloggers:  Put dates, including years on your posts.  It's maddening to have no idea what year your post was made in.  

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